Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Portfolio Updated

  Lots of work uploaded to the portfolio, which has been changed to zenphoto. It seems to work well and it's easy to update. All the work for WTactics is there now, as are all the black & white illustrations for Godslayer.

  There's still some drawings done during the long absence that need to be uploaded to the portfolio, and a ton more to the different galleries: DeviantArt, Epilogue, ArtWanted,... Elfwood seems to be down, so no need to update that at least. And looks like GFXArtist doesn't exist anymore. It's been quite long since I checked those.

  Below is the last video of the Conscript drawing. Not sure if people like to see these, they may be a bit dry without voice. But they don't take much time to do, so there will be more coming in the future.

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